VA Geology Unit

Virginia Geology Unit

After this unit students should be able to do the following skills

  • Geologic Provinces of Virginia
    • Be able to identify and label a map of the provinces
    • Identify major features of each provinces
  • Topography of Virginia
    • Identify the terrain of each province
    • Located where the Fall-Line is
    • Explain how the Fall-Line is connected to the locations of cities on I-95
    • Locate where Arlington is located
  • State map of Virginia
    • Be able to use a road map to find cities, locations, and distances
    • Use a roadmap to plan a road trip in VA
  • Karst Topography
    • Know and identify features of karst topography
    • Explain how limestone caves are formed
  • Chesapeake Bay
    • Explain what an estuary is and where mixing occurs
    • Explain how the bay was formed
    • Identify two economic resources of the bay
    • Identify two threats to the bay
    • Identify the states of the bay watershed
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